Thursday, December 12, 2013

Silver Bells


  PTU tube used is 6.3 By Anna Marine from CDO and can be purchased HERE
  PTU scrap kit used is called "Silver Bells" By Black Widow Designs and can be purchased HERE
  Mask used is Mask 1 By Dee from her Winter Mask collection and can be found HERE
  Font Used is Grand Stylus (FTU)

**This tutorial is written with the understanding that the user has a good working knowledge of psp and the usage of it's various tools.**

Let's Begin:

Open a new workspace 700 X 500
Flood fill white 
Paste Paper 10 as a new layer
Apply your mask
Paste Elem.22 as a new layer
Resize 86%
Tick the inside of the frame with your magic wand
Selections, Modify, Expand 12
New raster layer
Move under the frame
Flood fill black
Paste your tubed image as a new layer
Move as needed under the frame
Selections, Invert, Delete
Selections, Select None
Paste Elem.46 as a new layer
Resize 46%
Place at the bottom right
Paste Elem.33 as a new layer
Resize 76%
Place at the bottom right
Place under bow layer
Paste Elem.1 as a new layer
Resize 34%
Place at the bottom right
Send under bow layer
Paste Elem.5 as a new layer
Image, Free Rotate, Left 90
Resize 68%
Place along bottom of frame
Send under other element layers
X out the white background
Merge Everything
Adjust, Sharpen
Apply the appropriate © and watermark as desired
Save as a png for a transparent background

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please feel free to email me

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